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So, you want to stream old classic movies on your computer without signing up for an IPTV service? In that case, you’ll want to read this article. You’ll learn exactly how to do that by creating M3U Playlist. You’ll also learn what M3U links are and how they let you create these playlist guides!

15000+ Channels Free IPTV M3u Playlist links

CountryM3U Code
United States M3U PlaylistUS.M3U
China M3U PlaylistCN.M3U
Japan M3U PlaylistJP.M3U
Germany M3U PlaylistDE.M3U
United Kingdom M3U PlaylistUK.M3U
France M3U PlaylistFR.M3U
India M3U PlaylistIN.M3U
Russia M3U PlaylistRU.M3U
Brazil M3U PlaylistBR.M3U
Canada M3U PlaylistCA.M3U
Australia M3U PlaylistAU.M3U
South Korea M3U PlaylistKR.M3U
Italy M3U PlaylistIT.M3U
Spain M3U PlaylistES.M3U
Indonesia M3U PlaylistID.M3U
Mexico M3U PlaylistMX.M3U
Turkey M3U PlaylistTR.M3U
Saudi Arabia M3U PlaylistSA.M3U
Switzerland M3U PlaylistCH.M3U
Netherlands M3U PlaylistNL.M3U
Argentina M3U PlaylistAR.M3U
Sweden M3U PlaylistSE.M3U
Poland M3U PlaylistPL.M3U
Belgium M3U PlaylistBE.M3U
Norway M3U PlaylistNO.M3U
Afghanistan M3U PlaylistAF.M3U
Albania M3U PlaylistAL.M3U
Algeria M3U PlaylistDZ.M3U
Argentina M3U PlaylistAG.M3U
Armenia M3U PlaylistAM.M3U
Australia M3U PlaylistAU.M3U
Austria M3U PlaylistAT.M3U
Azerbaijan M3U PlaylistAZ.M3U
Bahamas M3U PlaylistBS.M3U
Bahrain M3U PlaylistBH.M3U
Bangladesh M3U PlaylistBD.M3U
Barbados M3U PlaylistBB.M3U
Belarus M3U PlaylistBY.M3U
Belgium M3U PlaylistBE.M3U
Belize M3U PlaylistBZ.M3U
Benin M3U PlaylistBJ.M3U
Bhutan M3U PlaylistBT.M3U
Bolivia M3U PlaylistBO.M3U
Bosnia and Herzegovina M3U PlaylistBA.M3U
Botswana M3U PlaylistBW.M3U
Brazil M3U PlaylistBR.M3U
Brunei M3U PlaylistBN.M3U
Bulgaria M3U PlaylistBG.M3U
Burkina Faso M3U PlaylistBF.M3U
Burundi M3U PlaylistBI.M3U
Cabo Verde M3U PlaylistCV.M3U
Cambodia M3U PlaylistKH.M3U
Cameroon M3U PlaylistCM.M3U
Canada M3U PlaylistCA.M3U
Central African Republic M3U PlaylistCF.M3U
Chad M3U PlaylistTD.M3U
Chile M3U PlaylistCL.M3U
China M3U PlaylistCN.M3U
Colombia M3U PlaylistCO.M3U
Comoros M3U PlaylistKM.M3U
Congo, Democratic Republic of the M3U PlaylistCD.M3U
Congo, Republic of the M3U PlaylistCG.M3U
Costa Rica M3U PlaylistCR.M3U
Cote d’Ivoire M3U PlaylistCI.M3U
Croatia M3U PlaylistHR.M3U
Cuba M3U PlaylistCU.M3U
Cyprus M3U PlaylistCY.M3U
Czech Republic M3U PlaylistCZ.M3U
Denmark M3U PlaylistDK.M3U
Djibouti M3U PlaylistDJ.M3U
Dominica M3U PlaylistDM.M3U
Dominican Republic M3U PlaylistDO.M3U
East Timor (Timor-Leste) M3U PlaylistTL.M3U
Ecuador M3U PlaylistEC.M3U
Egypt M3U PlaylistEG.M3U
El Salvador M3U PlaylistSV.M3U
Equatorial Guinea M3U PlaylistGQ.M3U
Eritrea M3U PlaylistER.M3U
Estonia M3U PlaylistEE.M3U
Eswatini M3U PlaylistSZ.M3U
Ethiopia M3U PlaylistET.M3U
Fiji M3U PlaylistFJ.M3U
Finland M3U PlaylistFI.M3U
France M3U PlaylistFR.M3U
Gabon M3U PlaylistGA.M3U
Gambia M3U PlaylistGM.M3U
Georgia M3U PlaylistGE.M3U
Germany M3U PlaylistDE.M3U
Ghana M3U PlaylistGH.M3U
Greece M3U PlaylistGR.M3U
Grenada M3U PlaylistGD.M3U
Guatemala M3U PlaylistGT.M3U
Guinea M3U PlaylistGN.M3U
Guinea-Bissau M3U PlaylistGW.M3U
Guyana M3U PlaylistGY.M3U
Haiti M3U PlaylistHT.M3U
Honduras M3U PlaylistHN.M3U
Hungary M3U PlaylistHU.M3U
Iceland M3U PlaylistIS.M3U
India M3U PlaylistIN.M3U
Indonesia M3U PlaylistID.M3U
Iran M3U PlaylistIR.M3U
Iraq M3U PlaylistIQ.M3U
Ireland M3U PlaylistIE.M3U
Israel M3U PlaylistIL.M3U
Italy M3U PlaylistIT.M3U
Jamaica M3U PlaylistJM.M3U
Japan M3U PlaylistJP.M3U
Jordan M3U PlaylistJO.M3U
Kazakhstan M3U PlaylistKZ.M3U
Kenya M3U PlaylistKE.M3U
Kiribati M3U PlaylistKI.M3U
Korea, North M3U PlaylistKP.M3U
Korea, South M3U PlaylistKR.M3U
Kosovo M3U PlaylistXK.M3U
Kuwait M3U PlaylistKW.M3U
Kyrgyzstan M3U PlaylistKG.M3U
Laos M3U PlaylistLA.M3U
Latvia M3U PlaylistLV.M3U
Lebanon M3U PlaylistLB.M3U
Lesotho M3U PlaylistLS.M3U
Liberia M3U PlaylistLR.M3U
Libya M3U PlaylistLY.M3U
Liechtenstein M3U PlaylistLI.M3U
Lithuania M3U PlaylistLT.M3U
Luxembourg M3U PlaylistLU.M3U
Madagascar M3U PlaylistMG.M3U
Malawi M3U PlaylistMW.M3U
Malaysia M3U PlaylistMY.M3U
Maldives M3U PlaylistMV.M3U
Mali M3U PlaylistML.M3U
Malta M3U PlaylistMT.M3U
Marshall Islands M3U PlaylistMH.M3U
Mauritania M3U PlaylistMR.M3U
Mauritius M3U PlaylistMU.M3U
Mexico M3U PlaylistMX.M3U
Micronesia M3U PlaylistFM.M3U
Moldova M3U PlaylistMD.M3U
Monaco M3U PlaylistMC.M3U
Mongolia M3U PlaylistMN.M3U
Montenegro M3U PlaylistME.M3U
Morocco M3U PlaylistMA.M3U
Mozambique M3U PlaylistMZ.M3U
Myanmar (Burma) M3U PlaylistMM.M3U
Namibia M3U PlaylistNA.M3U
Nauru M3U PlaylistNR.M3U
Nepal M3U PlaylistNP.M3U
Netherlands M3U PlaylistNL.M3U
New Zealand M3U PlaylistNZ.M3U
Nicaragua M3U PlaylistNI.M3U
Niger M3U PlaylistNE.M3U
Nigeria M3U PlaylistNG.M3U
North Macedonia (formerly Macedonia) M3U PlaylistMK.M3U
Norway M3U PlaylistNO.M3U
Oman M3U PlaylistOM.M3U
Pakistan M3U PlaylistPK.M3U
Palau M3U PlaylistPW.M3U
Palestine M3U PlaylistPS.M3U
Panama M3U PlaylistPA.M3U
Papua New Guinea M3U PlaylistPG.M3U
Paraguay M3U PlaylistPY.M3U
Peru M3U PlaylistPE.M3U
Philippines M3U PlaylistPH.M3U
Poland M3U PlaylistPL.M3U
Portugal M3U PlaylistPT.M3U
Qatar M3U PlaylistQA.M3U
Romania M3U PlaylistRO.M3U
Russia M3U PlaylistRU.M3U
Rwanda M3U PlaylistRW.M3U
Saint Kitts and Nevis M3U PlaylistKN.M3U
Saint Lucia M3U PlaylistLC.M3U
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines M3U PlaylistVC.M3U
Samoa M3U PlaylistWS.M3U
San Marino M3U PlaylistSM.M3U
Sao Tome and Principe M3U PlaylistST.M3U
Saudi Arabia M3U PlaylistSA.M3U
Senegal M3U PlaylistSN.M3U
Serbia M3U PlaylistRS.M3U
Seychelles M3U PlaylistSC.M3U
Sierra Leone M3U PlaylistSL.M3U
Singapore M3U PlaylistSG.M3U
Slovakia M3U PlaylistSK.M3U
Slovenia M3U PlaylistSI.M3U
Solomon Islands M3U PlaylistSB.M3U
Somalia M3U PlaylistSO.M3U
South Africa M3U PlaylistZA.M3U
South Sudan M3U PlaylistSS.M3U
Spain M3U PlaylistES.M3U
Sri Lanka M3U PlaylistLK.M3U
Sudan M3U PlaylistSD.M3U
Suriname M3U PlaylistSR.M3U
Sweden M3U PlaylistSE.M3U
Switzerland M3U PlaylistCH.M3U
Syria M3U PlaylistSY.M3U
Taiwan M3U PlaylistTW.M3U
Tajikistan M3U PlaylistTJ.M3U
Tanzania M3U PlaylistTZ.M3U
Thailand M3U PlaylistTH.M3U
Togo M3U PlaylistTG.M3U
Tonga M3U PlaylistTO.M3U
Trinidad and Tobago M3U PlaylistTT.M3U
Tunisia M3U PlaylistTN.M3U
Turkey M3U PlaylistTR.M3U
Turkmenistan M3U PlaylistTM.M3U
Tuvalu M3U PlaylistTV.M3U
Uganda M3U PlaylistUG.M3U
Ukraine M3U PlaylistUA.M3U
United Arab Emirates M3U PlaylistAE.M3U
United Kingdom M3U PlaylistUK.M3U
United States M3U PlaylistUS.M3U
Uruguay M3U PlaylistUY.M3U
Uzbekistan M3U PlaylistUZ.M3U
Vanuatu M3U PlaylistVU.M3U
Vatican City M3U PlaylistVA.M3U
Venezuela M3U PlaylistVE.M3U
Vietnam M3U PlaylistVN.M3U
Yemen M3U PlaylistYE.M3U
Zambia M3U PlaylistZM.M3U
Zimbabwe M3U PlaylistZW.M3U

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Watch Your Favorite Things Through the List 

What is an M3U URL?

An M3U URL file is a file that stores all the information needed to play multimedia files. You can play various files and stream content from TV channels with an M3U file. So, M3U URL files are versatile.

An interesting feature of these files is that they are quite small. They are also described by #EXTINF. That description tells you just how long the audio portion of the file is in seconds.

Benefits of M3U URL Playlists

You want to learn how to create M3U URL Playlists because they give you lots of advantages. The first is that they let you stream content and play many audio, video, and other files. You wouldn’t be able to either stream the content or play the files without a file.

The good news is that the majority of media players and streaming services on the market are compatible with M3U Playlists. That makes it easy for media creators to produce popular songs, videos, and other video/audio content that you like to listen to.

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Creating an IPTV M3U URL Playlist

Using a VLC Media Player to Create an IPTV M3U Playlist

  1. Turn the VLC Media Player on.
vlc player
  1. You’ll need to go to the player’s official website and download a version that your computer will support.
  2. Navigate to the toolbar
  3. Select the “View” option
view playlist
  1. Then select the “Playlist” option
  1. Note, that pressing CTRL+L simultaneously will accomplish these two functions for you.
press ctrl L
  1. Right-click on the playlist window
  2. Select the “add files” or the “add folder” option
Save playlist
  1. Now, import the audio files or folders from your computer to the VLC player.
  2. Note:  you can always import the files and create an M3U Playlist guide in your player by dragging and dropping the files.
  3. Click on the “Media” option.
save media
  1. Next, click on the “Save Playlist to File” button

Using Windows Media Player to Create IPTV M3U Playlist Files

You can create an M3U Playlist Guide in the Windows Media player. Just make sure that you have Windows 7 or an older operating system on your computer.

  1. Create a new folder on your computer
open windows media player
  1. Drag and drop all of your media files into this folder
  2. Drag the file to the Unsaved List Section of Windows Media Player
check unsave list
  1. Select the drop-down menu
  2. Click on the “Save List” as the option to create an M3U Playlist

How to Create an IPTV M3U Playlist?

  1. Drag and drop music files from your computer to the Sansa player’s MUSIC folder
  2. Open a new .txt filea new .txt file
  3. Rename the file extension to M3U
  4. Use notepad or a text editor to open the M3U file
  5. Type #EXTM3U in the first line
  6. List your music files on the second line and use one line for each music file that you have.
  7. Save your M3U file once you’re done.

How to Use an IPT V M3U File

  1. Use a text editor to open the M3U file
  2. Copy the playlist URL
  3. Open the VLC Media Player
  4. Select the media option
  5. Now, select the Open Network Stream option
  6. You’ll see a pop-up window
  7. Click on the “Network” option
  8. Then paste the copied URL
  9. Finally, select the “Play” button

Installing it in IOS

  1. Install and open the M3U IPTV Player on your Apple mobile device
  2. Go to Local Path and Network and select the M3U source.
    1. It will appear on the main interface
  3. Click on the “Browse” button to add a local M3U/M3U8 Playlist file if you select “Local Path.”
  4. Copy and paste the M3U playlist URL into the Network box if you choose the “Network” option.
  5. Click on the “Play” button.

Your M3U Playlist will start playing now.

Installing it on Android

  1. Install and open the M3U IPTV Player on your Apple mobile device
  2. Go to Local Path and Network and select the M3U source.
    1. It will appear on the main interface
  3. Go to on the “Browse” button to add a local M3U/M3U8 Playlist file if you select “Local provided Path.
  4. Copy & paste the M3U playlist URL into the Network box if you choose the “Network” option.
  5. Click on the “Play” button.

Your M3U Playlist will start playing now.

Installing it on Your PC

Using Windows Media Player to Create M3U Playlist Files

You can create an M3U Playlist Guide in the Windows Media Player. Just make sure that you have Windows 7 or an older operating system on your computer.

  1. Create a new folder on your computer
  2. Drag and drop all of your media files into this folder
  3. Drag the file to the Unsaved List Section of Windows Media Player
  4. Select the drop-down menu
  5. Click on the “Save List” option to create an M3U Playlist

Installing it on a Macbook

  1. Launch a text file. It’s in the applications section on your computer
  2. Make sure you select the format and make plain text options because you will need a plain text file.
  3. Launch a finder window.
  4. Drag and drop the first file from the finder window to your new text file.
  5. The file will update with the full path on your hard drive to the media file.
  6. Press the enter key on your keyboard to go to the next line.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 until you have added all the files you want to the new text file.

M3U Playlist Guide FAQ

  1. How do playlists work?
    They create a file that leads to a stream of content from the Internet
  1. How do I create an M3U Playlist file?
    1. Create a new .txt doc on your computer
    2. Rename the file and give it the M3U extension
    3. Use Notepad or file editor to launch the M3U file
    4. Enter #EXTM3U on the first line
    5. List your music files with the appropriate extensions
    6. Close the M3U file when you’re finished.
  1. What is the M3U format for IPTV?
    You can use this format to create playlists for IPTV players.

It’s Easy Once You Know How

That phrase was a word-for-word quote from the classic Dr. Seuss book Cat in the Hat. However, it aptly applies to creating an M3U Playlist Guide. Indeed, now that you know exactly how to create these guides, you can stream all the multimedia content you want whenever you want.

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