Are you tired of watching the same old shows when you turn your TV on? That kind of makes you wonder why you even bother paying big bucks to your Cable and Satellite TV provider! What do you get in return? Next to nothing in content offerings and options. You’d be better off getting rid of your current provider and turning to YouTube to stream content.

Well, get rid of your current TV provider, then sign up for its plan. You’ll learn exactly why you should trade your pricey plan for a much more affordable plan.

What is Cola IPTV?

It  is an IPTV service. You’ll have access to more than 17,000 live and HD channels, and voice-on-demand (VOD) content, and you can connect the service to one device. And that’s just with the basic plan. The basic plan costs $12 a month.


The other plans, while costlier, are still much more reasonably priced than any TV plan. You can get more than one connection per plan if you request it when you sign up for a plan.

Cola IPTV Features:

  • You’ll have access to over 18,000 live and HD high-quality channels, and that’s just with the basic plan.
  • The basic plan starts at $12 a month
  • You can choose from many plans
  • The basic plan and other plans offer one connection, but you can get more if you’re willing to pay a bit more.
  • You can watch unlimited voice-on-demand (VOD) content
  • It works with VPNs. In fact, you should use a VPN when streaming it’s content
  • Your IP location is never locked
  • You can stream premium Pay-Per-View channels for free
  • You can access major sports channels for free
  • You’ll have access to major and premium international channels, once again, for free
  • M3U URL is included
  • Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) included
  • Works with all major IPTV Players
  • You can pay using Bitcoin, a credit or debit card, and/or PayPal
  • You can install it on any Android device
  • You can access customer support through email, chat, and the online contact form on the site
  • Favorites manager included
  • It works with external players

What You Should Know About it?

It has connections to organized crime syndicates. To be fair, all IPTV providers have these associations. That means your sensitive and confidential information is up for grabs. So, your credit card information, your taxpayer identification number, and your social security number, among other things, could easily fall into the wrong hands.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it doesn’t obtain the licenses and permits needed to stream certain types of content. That’s one of the reasons why it can undercut traditional Cable and Satellite TV providers in price. In case you were wondering Cable and Television providers charge an arm and a leg for their plans because they spend big money obtaining these licenses and permits. They pass on the extra expenses to you by charging you much more for their services.

So, you could be watching content that’s banned, copyrighted, or outright illegal in your country and not even know it. If you guessed that doing so will eventually earn you a visit from the authorities in your country for a stern and unpleasant discussion and warning, you are absolutely right.

There is a way to protect yourself though. That is to always use when you stream IPTV content. It’s easy to find a VPN. Just hop on Google or some other search engine and type “VPNs” into the search field. You’ll see hundreds of results for free and paid private networks instantly. I recommend signing up for a paid private network since these will offer many more features and protection than free ones.

Incidentally, the anti-virus software program Norton offers a good VPN for a small fee. VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. All these operate by hiding where you are and what you do when you are online. So you remain virtually invisible to anyone who may be online when you are, especially the authorities

Cola IPTV Channels

Obviously,  it offers too many channels to list. But I thought I’d help you out by listing some of its major channels. That may help convince you to sign up for a plan because the service truly does offer a diverse and vast selection of channels:

  • All
  • USA news
  • NetFlix premium
  • USA family & kids
  • USA Music
  • Favorites
  • USA movie channels
  • USA entertainment
  • USA Documentary
  • USA Local Channels (a full list is included)

Cola IPTV Pricing and Plans

It offers four distinct plans:

Cola IPTV pricing plan
  • 1-month subscription for $12, more than 18,000 channels.
  • 3-month subscription for $33, more than 19,000 channels.
  • 6-month subscription for $60, more than 15,000 channels.
  • 12-month subscription for $1080, more than 20,000 channels.

Registering for Cola IPTV

  • Enter your contact information. That includes your email address (I recommend you sign up using an anonymous address), your first name, and your last name. You’ll need to create a username and password to create an account.
  • Select the plan you want
  • Select the desired payment method
  • Click on the “make payment now” button

You have just signed up for a plan. Check your email inbox for a message that contains your username, password, and M3U URL. You’ll need that to log into your account.

Devices that are Compatible with Cola IPTV

Cola IPTV Supported Devices
  • All Android devices
  • All iOS devices
  • IM Infomir
  • Smart TV
  • Fire TV
  • Windows OS
  • Mac OS
  • Fire TV

Setting up Cola IPTV on Android Devices

cola iptv on android device
  • Power your Android device on.
  • Launch the Google Play Store app.
  • Enter “Smarters Players Lite’’ into the search field.
  • Click on the app. It will appear in the search results.
  • Select the “Install button’’.
  • Wait for the app to install.
    • Then launch the Smarters Players Lite app.
  • Enter your contact and log-in information into the appropriate fields.
  • Select the “add user” button.

You are now free to stream the content on your Android device.

Setting up Cola IPTV on iOS Devices

  • Power your iOS device on
  • Launch the App Store
  • Enter 247 IPTV Player into the search field
  • Select the “Get” button. That action will download and install the app on your device
  • Tap the “Open” button once the app has finished installing on your device
  • Launch the 247 IPTV Player app
  • Sign into the app. You will need to enter your username, password, and M3U URL to do so.

You are now free to stream its content on your Android device.

Setting up Cola IPTV on MAG Devices

  • Connect your MAG device to a TV and the net
  • Power your device on
  • Navigate to the home screen
  • Select the “settings” option to access and launch it
  • Click on the “Systems setting” button
  • Click on the “servers” button and select “Portals”
  • Enter in “Cola IPTV” the name of your IPTV service into the Portal 1 name field
  • Now, input your M3U URL in the Portal 1 URL field
  • Select the “save” button
  • Wait a few minutes. The MAG device will restart and populate itself with content

You are free to stream its content at your convenience once your MAG device restarts.

Setting up Cola IPTV on Your Personal Computer

cola iptv at computer

Note: You’ll need to install the VLC Media Player on your computer if you want to successfully set it up on your computer.

  • Power your personal computer on
  • Launch the VLC Media Player app
  • Navigate to the home screen
    • Click on the “Media” option
  • Now, click on the “Open Network Stream” option. It will appear in the “Open Media’ window
  • Click on the “Network URL” field
    • Enter the M3U URL in the field
  • Select the “Play” button

 You are now free to stream its content on your personal computer at your convenience.

Setting up Cola IPTV on Your Firestick TV

cola iptv at firestick

Note:  You’ll need to sideload the “Downloader” app to successfully install it on your Firestick TV.

  • Power your Firestick TV on
  • Navigate to the home screen
  • Click on the “Search” option
  • Go to the “Search” field using the on-screen keyboard and enter  “Downloader
    • You’ll see the app appear in the search results. Click on it.
  • Click on the “Download” button
  • Next, click on the “Install” button. That action will install the Downloader app on your Firestick TV
  • Navigate back to the Firestick TV home screen
  • Go to and click on the “Settings” icon
  • Then select the “My Fire TV” option
  • Key in “Developer Options
  • Click on the “Install Unknown Apps” button
  • Click on the “Downloader” app and toggle it to enable it.
  • You can now install unknown apps on your Firestick TV
  • Launch the Downloader app
    • Input in the IPTV Blink Player URL
  • Select the “GO” button
  • Now, download the IPTV APK file
  • Wait for the file to download and install
  • Then launch the IPTV Player app
  • Navigate to the “Add Playlist” option
  • Select the “Enter URL” button
  • Type in it’s M3U URL

You are now free to stream its content on your Firestick TV.


  • Is Cola IPTV legal?

That’s impossible to determine, so that’s why I didn’t include a link to  it’s official website in this article.

  • What is Cola IPTV?

It’s an affordable way to get the world in TV content and video content on your favorite digital device

  • What channels can you access on Cola IPTV?

You can access over 18,000 channels. All of these channels are grouped by category:  news, entertainment, sports, international, etc…

  • How much does the basic plan cost?

The basic plan will set you back $12 a month.

Final Words

You can now have your cake and eat it too with it. The IPTV service brings a vast world of video content to your digital device which you can stream at your convenience.

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