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It’s TV time, so it’s time to relax and enjoy some unique and entertaining content. Too bad all content providers just don’t get that concept. They’re obsessed with the old ritual of charging sky high prices for stale and outdated content. What’s even worse is that they aren’t bothered with broadcasting fresh and popular content.

It offer a breath of fresh air, but there’s a catch. Yes, these service provider offer unique and new content that will inspire at least a few laughs and keep you in a good mood. They also charge more than reasonable prices for what they offer. It’s just that you often need ‘extras’ in the form of apps to enjoy that content fully. It  is one such app!

What are 247 IPTV Players?

It is the ‘new kid on the block’ as far as IPTV players are concerned. It’s free. You can use M3U URLs and Xtream codes to stream content from a variety of IPTV services on any digital device.

It separate content into different channels. Then, it groups channels into different categories based on genres. That makes it easy to find the content you want when and where you want it.

You will need an Internet connection of at least 5 MBPS to enjoy content on it. Your devices will need to be working fairly well or you may have buffering issues when streaming content on the player.

Here’s something interesting to note about it. You can connect many other popular IPTV players to it and stream (IPTV) content through that. These include but are not limited to Xtream codes API, MX Player, VLC Player, and Exo Player.

Key Features

  • Includes an Electronic Programming Guide (EPG)
  • You can save your favorite channels, shows, programs, and other types of content in the “Favorites’’ section
  • You won’t have issues with buffering when streaming content
  • You can watch content in many languages at once with the Dynamic Language Switching feature
  • You can use the built-in search option to look for your favorite content and channels
  • You can stream content in HD and SD pixel quality.

Why Download Need to Downlaod this Player?

There are a lot of IPTV Players out there. What makes it so special that you should download and use it? The first reason why is that it comes with external player support. So, you can stream content in the best audio and pixel clarity possible.

Can You Get into Trouble for Using 247 IPTV Players?

Well, that’s a hard question to answer. While the app itself is not illegal, it can, and sometimes does, stream content that’s not legal. There are some things you should know about this IPTV provider.

The first thing you should know is that all IPTVs have been linked to organized crime syndicates. So, your sensitive and confidential information could be ‘up for grabs by the wrong parties.’ Your tax-payer identification (TIN) number and all of your credit card numbers or your cryptocurrency information could potentially be misused. What’s even worse is that you may not find out about it until it’s too late.

247 IPTV

The second thing you should be aware of is the fact that it never obtain the licenses and permits needed to stream certain types of content. Why else do you think they can offer their plans at dirt-cheap prices while traditional providers charge through the nose for similar (and more limited) content?

So, you may be watching content that’s banned, copyrighted, or even illegal in your country. If you want to have peace of mind that your sensitive information will be safe and that you won’t get surprise visits at your doorstep from your country’s authorities, sign up for a Virtual Private Network (VPN.)

Compatible with Devices

As mentioned earlier, a wide 247 IPTV Players supports a wide range of digital devices. It’s time to list some of the major ones:

  • Android devices
  • Smart TV
  • Windows
  • Fire TV
  • iOS devices

Note: the list mentioned above is far from a comprehensive list of all of the compatible devices.

Installing 247 IPTV Players on Your Android Device

You will have to Google this best player. The reason is that you definitely can’t find the app on either the Google Play Store or the App Store. However, there are other sites that do have the app. I suggest you use an anti-virus software program like Norton when you do so. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

The Google Play Store may carry the app some time in the future. So, I’m going to give you some advice when that occurs.

You want to do the following to install the app on any Android device when you do find it:

  • Power your Android device on
  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Select the search bar that you’l see in the store
    • Enter in “247 IPTV
  • Tap on the app          
  • Then select the “Install” button
    • That action will download the app on your Android device
  • Select the “Open” button”
    • That action will open the app on your Android device
  • You’ll need to enter in your username and password to log into the app.
    • You received an introductory email with your username and password when you downloaded the app
  • Next, select the “”Log in” button
  • The app will populate your Android device with channels and other types of video content

You are free to watch content from any content provider platform at your convenience when the app finishes uploading all content to your Android device.

An Alternative Process

So, if you can’t find the app in the Google Play Store, and you probably won’t, do the following:

  • Power your Android device on
  • Launch the Settings app on your device
  • Select the “Security” option
    • Then toggle on the “Unknown Sources” option.
      • That action will let you download it on your Android device. You can’t download the app if you don’t do that.
  • Launch any browser on your Android device
  • Go to Google (or any search engine) and enter in the search field
  • Download the APK file and app from any website only after you’ve confirmed that it’s safe.
  • Go to the Notification panel
    • You’ll see an “Install” button there.
      • Select it. That action will download both the APK file and the app to your Android device
  • Click on the “Open” button. It’s the only way you can launch the app on your device
  • Input the username and password into the appropriate fields.
    • Select the “Login” button

You are now free to stream content from any IPTV provider using the app at your convenience.

Setting up 247 IPTV Players on Your iOS Device

Note:  I’m going to tell you how to download the app from the App Store on your iOS device. It’s because while the App Store doesn’t currently carry it, it may in the future.

For now, you’re stuck with typing “247 Player” into any search engine and downloading the app from a trusted site. Since it can be hard to determine which sites are trusted if you’re not an Internet guru, I recommend you use an anti-virus software program like Norton..

Setting up 247 IPTV Players on Your iOS Device

Incidentally, Norton also offers a VPN for a fee.

  • Power your iOS device on
  • Launch the App Store
  • Enter it in the search field
  • You’ll see many apps listed.
    • Tap on the app
  • Select the “get” button
  • The app will begin downloading.
    • It will install on your iOS device after it’s finished downloading
  • Click on the “Open” button
  • Login by entering your username and password in the appropriate fields

You can now watch content from any IPTV service on your iOS device at your convenience.

Does 247 IPTV Players Have a Legal Website?

That said, 247 IPTV Players has a safe website. That means you won’t end up with trojan horses, malware, or viruses if you go there. So, that should, at least, give you some peace of mind!


  • Can you install 247 IPTV on a Mac System?

Yes, you can as long as you use the Bluestack Emulator

  • Can you install the APK version of 247 IPTV Players?

Yes, in fact, I have explained how to do that on two types of devices in this article

  • Is the app compatible with Apple TV?

No, unfortunately, it is not.

Final Words

It is for you if you want to have real freedoms when streaming IPTV content from any service provider on any modern device currently on the market. This app will truly broaden your TV-watching horizons and enrich your TV-watching experience.

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