KS Hosting IPTV

If you’ve ever craved watching TV content that you just can’t get with Cable or Satellite TV, you’re in luck. There’s a new IPTV service out there that promises to bring you content that most people have never even heard of. It’s unique and entertaining content that’s also educational and will change the way you see the world, no pun intended. Read further IPTV Review, if you want to learn more about this.

KS Hosting IPTV

It is the cream of the crop in IPTV provider. You’ll have access to over 18,000 live, quality, and HD channels. You can stream thousands of Voice-on-Demand channels, movies, TV programs, and more! Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer a free trial period. However, the basic plan starts at $11 a month.

An interesting thing about it is that it doesn’t have an app. That means you’ll have to use an external IPTV player that supports it Playlist M3U URL or Xtream codes if you want to stream its content on a digital or mobile device.

KS Hosting

Another good tidbit of news is that its server is up 99.95% of the time. So, you’ll never have issues with buffering or picture quality. You’ll never have to deal with the issues of freezing picture quality as well.

You can stream live content in many languages including English, French, German, and Spanish. Note that you can stream content in a variety of other languages as well. The channels in the media library are categorized by genre. Some genres include action, movies, news, and kids channels. Note that the media library contains far more genre categories than this.

You can stream the content in SD, HD, and 4K quality.


  • You can stream over 18,000 quality, live, and HD channels
  • The basic plan starts at $19 a month
  • All plans come with one connection, but you can access more connections if you’re willing to pay more.
  • It’s compatible with VPNs. In fact, you should use it with a VPN.
  • It doesn’t operate with a specific and locked IP location
  • You can stream all major sports channels
  • You can watch Pay Per View channels for free
  • You can stream content from popular news neworks
  • You can choose which content you want to watch later or watch again with the favorites manager.
  • You can and should stream its content using an external IPTV Player.
  • You can stream a variety of international channels that traditional and standard TV providers (Cable and Satellite TV) just don’t offer.
  • It comes with an M3U URL
  • It comes with an Electronic Programming Guide (EPG)
  • It offers voice-on-demand content
  • You can stream its content on Firestick TV, Fire TV, and Android devices
  • You can pay with credit or debit cards
  • You can reach out to customer support and customer service either by email or through their online form.

Is KS Hosting IPTV Legal?

No, it is not legal, so you are on your own when finding it’s offiical website.

Is KS Hosting IPTV’s Website Safe?

I scanned it’s official website. It was safe and didn’t appear to have any trojan horses, malware, or viruses that can infect your digital or mobile devices.

What You Should Know About KS Hosting IPTV?

It has been linked to organized crime syndicates. To be fair, all IPTV providers have. That means your sensitive, personal, and confidential information could potentially fall into the wrong hands. That includes your credit card and social security numbers.

To make matters worse, it doesn’t obtain any of the permits and licenses needed to broadcast certain types of content. Traditional TV providers obtain these permits and licenses. They charge more to offset the high costs of these expensive permits and licenses. It can charge incredibly low prices for their plans since their operating costs are lower.

So, you could be watching content that may be banned, illegal, or copyrighted in your home country. If you guessed that doing so can result in a surprise and unpleasant visit from your country’s authorities, you’re right.

KPricing and Plans

1-month$19Over 12,000 channelsOne connection
3-months$26Over 13k channelsOne connection
6-months$39Over 12 Thousand channelsOne connection
12-months$69Over 13,000 channelsOne connection

Note:  I recommend signing up for a  monthly plan. The reason is that it is always changing and upgrading its plans and plan offerings. You run the real risk of locking yourself out of various new features and offerings if you sign up for a multi-month plan.

Subscribing to its Plan

ks hosting pricing plan
  • Launch a web browser on your personal computer and use a search engine to search for it’s official website.
  • Choose the plan you want and select the Order Now button
  • Now, preview your order and choose the Continue button
  • Next, click on the checkout button
  • You’ll arrive at the KS Hosting payment page
  • Enter in your payment information, then click on the submit button

You’ll have officially subscribed to its plan. Note:  you’ll receive an email message immediately after you subscribe. Be sure to save it. That email message contains the username, password, and M3U URL you’ll need to log into your account and install the service on various digital and mobile devices.


channel list
  • Movies
  • Drama Channels
  • Kids Channels
  • Sports Channel

Wrapping Up

Improvements in naval technology started the Age of Exploration in the 16th century which opened up new worlds for the Medieval Europeans. That changed their entire outlook on the world. Similarly, it will bring new content that those who subscribe to traditional TV providers can only dream about watching. That will open up new worlds for you in terms of TV-watching that will change the way you see life for the better.

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