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Cable and Satellite TV promise to offer you a variety of quality entertainment and video content for affordable prices. However, they always deliver empty promises. Well, there’s a service out there that delivers much more than lip service when it promises to deliver amazing video content and a variety of it at jaw-droopingly low prices. It’s The Amazing TV, and it’s time to learn more about it same you have explored BD IPTV.

What is Amazing IPTV?

The Amazing TV is an IPTV service. You can stream over 10,000 HD, quality, and live channels through it. The basic plan costs just $19 a month and you can connect it to one device. You can also access Voice-on-Demand content throug Xtream Codes API.

amazing iptv

You can stream tens of thousands of channels that are grouped into many categories. These categories include but are not limited to Pay-Per-View, international, sports, and entertainment.

Note:  You can connect it to more than one device if you’re willing to pay extra.

It has many other good things going for it. One is that it’s compatible with a variety of mobile and digital devices. Some of these are Amazon Firestick TV, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, and NVIDIA.


  • All plans come with at least one connection. You can access more connections if you’re willing to pay more.
  • You can stream Voice-on-Demand content
  • You can and should stream it with a VPN
  • It doesn’t stick to only one IP location
  • You can stream all major sports channels
  • You can watch Pay-Per-View content for free
  • It streams all major news networks
  • You can use the favorites manager to save your favorite shows
  • It works with external IPTV players
  • You can stream quality, live and HD international channels that other TV providers don’t air
  • It has catch-up viewing options.
  • Pay through PayPal., credit/debit card, or Bitcoin
  • You can reach out to customer support/customer service through email or their online form
  • It has an M3U URL
  • It comes with an Electronic Programming Guide (EPG)
  • You can stream its content on a variety of mobile and digital devices

What You Should Know About it

It has been linked to organized crime networks in the past. To be fair, all IPTV services have. That means your personal, sensitive, and confidential information could potentially fall into the wrong hands. That includes your credit card and social security numbers.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it doesn’t obtain any of the necessary licenses or permits to stream certain types of content. In case you were wondering, none of the IPTV providers do. That’s why they can offer you a world of video content for amazingly low prices.

I suggest you sign up for a paid VPN since they offer much more protection than free ones.

The Good News is that it’s Website is Safe

I went and checked. I did a scan on the website and can confidently say that the site won’t put any harmful malware, viruses, or trojan horses on your computer, digital, or mobile device.


It’s time to list some of it’s channels

  • General French channels
  • French news channels
  • French entertainment
  • General Spanish channels
  • General Italian Channels
  • Bien Sports
  • Morrocan channels
  • French sports channels
  • French cinema
  • French kids’ channels
  • Portuguese channels
  • Belgian channels
  • Bien entertainment
  • Algerian channels

Plans and Pricing

  • 1-month – 16.99 Euros for more than 10,000 channels, one connection, and voice-on-demand content
  • 6-months – 53.94 Euros for more than 10,000 channels, one connection, and voice-on-demand content
  • 12 months – 79.99 Euros for more than 10,000 channels, one connection, and voice-on-demand content.

Tip:  I recommend that you pay monthly. The reason is that it has been known to change its plans and offerings suddenly and unannounced. All IPTV services are guilty of that. You risk locking yourself out of great features and deals if you sign up for a multi-month contract.

Signing Up for Plans

You’ll need to find it’s official website for that. By the way, you do assume a degree of risk when you go to the website, sign up for a plan, and start streaming its content. The reason is that the site is not legal to use.

Subscribing pricing plan

Now, pick the plan you want and select the order now button. Input your personal information like your name, your shipping and billing address, and your email address. Then, input your payment information.

You’ll receive an email with your username, password, and M3U URL. save this email. You’ll need it when you are connecting it to other devices.

Setting Up on Android Devices

Note:  You won’t be able to find the app in the Google Play Store. Instead, you must hook an IPTV player up to your Android device and use that to search for it’s playlist channels. Then, do the following:

  • Launch the Google Play Store on your Android device
  • Click in the Google Play Store’s search field
search in play store
write iptv player
  • Select the Install Button
  • Then launch the app by selecting the Open button

 You are now free to stream it’s content on your Android device. Of course, you’ll need to use your credentials (the ones you got in the sign-up email) to log into your account.

Installing it on Your Personal or MAC Computer

Note:  You’ll need to download and install the Bluestacks Emulator app if you want to install it on your personal or MAC computer.

blue stack
  • Launch the Bluestacks Emulator website on your computer and log in using your Google username and password.
click play store
  • Now, open the Google Play Store.
search blink iptv
  • Input IPTV Blink Player in the search bar
  • Select the install button to download the player on your computer
  • Click on the Open button to launch the app on your computer
  • Key in the Xtream or M3U URL code/link you got in the signup email.
  • Follow the prompts to finish the setup process

Get it on iOS Devices

  • Power your iOS device on
  • Open the app store on your iOS device
  • Look for the UniPlayer app in the store.
  • Tap on the Get button to download the app
  • Open the UniPlayer app after it has finished downloading
  • Enter your credentials in

Install it on Your Apple TV

app store searching
  • Power your Apple TV on
  • Launch the app store on your Apple TV
  • Click anywhere in the search bar
  • Use the on-screen keyboard to look for iPlay IPTV Player
  • Choose the app, then select the Get button
  • Select the Open button to launch the iPlay TV IPTV Player app on your Apple TV
  • Key in the M3U URL link

Setting Up on Your Firestick TV

Note:  You’ll need to side load it using the Lazy IPTV Player if you want to stream its content on your Firestick TV.

  • Power your Firestick TV on
  • Navigate to the home screen
  • Click on the Find tab
  • Click on the search title button
  • Select the Search Downloader option
  • Select the Download button
  • Enable the Unknown Sources option on Firestick
  • Navigate back to the settings screen
  • Select My Fire TV
  • Select Developer options
  • Select Install Unknown sources
  • Select downloader
  • Open the Downloader app on your Firestick TV
  • Navigate to the left pane
  • Select the Home Tab there
type lazy iptv player
  • Enter the Lazy IPTV Player URL
  • Select the GO button
  • Select the Install button
  • Then select the GO button to open the Lazy IPTV Player on your Firestick TV


  • Exactly what is The Amazing TV?

It’s an affordable IPTV service that gives you real choices when you’re streaming content.

  • How many channels can I access on The Amazing TV?

You can access over 10.000 quality and live channels on The Amazing TV.


It is for you if you’re sick of being told what and when to watch TV content for always increasing prices. The Amazing TV offers you a world of entertainment at your convenience for less than what it costs a family of three to eat out at a Mom and Pop restaurant.

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