Free Italy IPTV M3U Playlist Links

If you have just signed up for an Italy IPTV plan, don’t celebrate just yet. You can’t stream the content, even after you have installed the service on your digital or mobile devices. You’ll need some help in the form of links. There is a set of links that are compatible with 1st Class IPTV. They’re the Italy M3U Playlist links. It’s time to explore these in more detail!

What is it?

You can stream Italy IPTV content with it. That will open up a world of opportunities since you’ll be able to stream a variety of TV shows, movies, and TV serials, and sports games.

List of Italy M3U Playlist Links

What You Should Know About its Links?

Did you know that Italy IPTV has been connected to organized crime networks? It’s unfair to single them out because all IPTV providers have this notorious connection. That means your confidential, sensitive, and personal information could potentially fall into the wrong hands.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Italy IPTV doesn’t obtain any of the permissions or licenses needed to stream certain types of content. Once again, it’s not fair to blame them entirely because all IPTV services are guilty of this. That’s the reason why they can offer you the world of TV content at insanely low prices.

So, you could be streaming shows and programs that are banned, copyrighted, or even illegal in your country and not even know it. Unfortunately, the authorities in your country will be well aware of that fact. That could earn you a surprise and unpleasant visit from your country’s authorities.

Setting Italy M3U Playlist on Your Device

Note:  you’ll need to use the Eva Player app to install it on your Android devices.

  • Power your device on
  • Launch the Google Play Store on your device
  • Input Eva Ip Tv app in the search field
  • Select the Install button. That action will download the app from the Play Store
  • Now, open the Eva Ip Tv app on your device
  • Follow the prompts to add Italy M3U Playlists links.

You are now free to stream Italy IPTV content on your device using the Italy M3U Playlist links.


They are invaluable because they will open up a world in TV content that you just can’t access at amazingly affordable prices with Traditional TV providers. In that sense, they give you real freedom, freedom that you never had before, when you are watching TV.

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