What is IPTV & How Does its Works?

You should read this article if you have found yourself asking yourself this question after having been approached by a rep who was trying to sell you an entertainment service provider. It is a brand-new service that was inspired by the net. It promises to do a 360 on the ways in which you watch TV, literally, by giving you choices and freedom when doing so.

What is IPTV?

It is a brand-new and revolutionary service that lets you watch television by streaming it through your internet provider. That’s possible since it uses xtream codes to send and receive radio and TV signals.

All services are distributed through a service provider of some sort. You are right if you guessed that there are many services out there. You can watch a variety of video content through these services. Some examples of this type of content include TV programs, Voice on Demand content, or movies.


Though rare, it’s not unheard of for businesses to use this services. What is far more common though is for residential owners to have a subscription. The reason is that it’s much harder for its service providers to serve large businesses, mainly because of the scale of the needs, network latency, and other more complex scaling issues.

You can sign up for dirt-cheap plans if you use an IPTV service. The reason is that these providers use managed or dedicated networks to send their content over to your device(s). An excellent example of that is a Digital Subscriber Line.

How Does IPTV Work?

Its services can offer more and better quality video content at lower prices than traditional Cable and Satellite TV providers because of the mediums that they use to transmit signals, and because of the methods that they use to send and receive those signals.

Traditional providers send and transmit signals for many shows, programs, and videos at once. That slows down the speed at which these signals can travel throughout space. It explains why there is often a bit of a time lag between the time you turn your TV on and the time when you start seeing your favorite shows, programs, or movies start to appear on your TV set if you subscribe to satellite or Cable TV.

IPTV Working

These providers send and receive signals a bit differently. They only transmit signals for one show or piece of video content at a time. It’s called sending signals in unicast format and it’s a better and more efficient way to transmit signals since the audio and video (picture) clarity of the content that you do end up receiving is better.

There’s a reason why you need a set-top box if you subscribe to an IPTV. It’s to allow the provider to change the stream of content that it sends to and receives from your box if you decide to change a channel.

In that instance, the service will send a new stream of signals to your set-top box. In case you were wondering, you’ll need other equipment to enjoy your content fully. These include, but are not restricted to, a WI-FI router, and a fiber optic or broadband network connection.

How is IPTV Best Used?

All services use packets to send and receive various signals over IP lines. That makes it possible to use various types of Internet-based communication services to transmit signals and data. Some of these include high-speed Internet and VoIP.

The fact that they use a variety of communication services to send and receive signals to your set-top box means that they can provide a variety of services that traditional providers can’t. These include video-on-demand, interactive TV, streaming live content, time shifting, in-program messaging, digital recording, on-demand TV shows, and the ability to stop, start, rewind, or fast forward through shows and programs that are streamed live.

Interestingly enough, services have a direct competitor. Those come in the form of Roku, YouTube, and Hulu, among other Internet TV services. What separates the former from the latter is that the latter uses a broadband connection and the Internet. They can also only transmit signals to your computer or mobile device. It’s because they need to do so through a website.

Final Words

You are right if you guessed that its services are out to completely revolutionize the way you watch TV by shaking up your TV-watching experience more than a little bit. It was one of the newer technologies that was inspired by the rise of the Internet. It turns out that the open nature of the net gave people much more freedom and many more choices in the ways in which they lived their lives. TV-watching was just one of these areas.

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