If you’re sick of watching nothing but reruns and uninteresting reality shows on Cable and Satellite TV, sign up for an IPTV service. There are many IPTV providers out there. One of them is Uzzu IPTV. it offers you options for streaming TV content that will literally change the way you watch TV forever.

What is Uzzu IPTV?

You may want to subscribe to Uzzu if you’re tired of watching the same old boring shows and TV programs that haven’t changed in decades. It is like a welcome breath of fresh air because if offers you variety and choices – things that traditional xtream codes IPTV just don’t seem to comprehend in plans that cost a fraction of the price of what traditional TV providers charge.

It is versatile since it is compatible with any contemporary device on the market, especially Android devices. What’s more is that you can access over 100 live, quality, and HD channels with the basic plan starting at just $19.99 a month.

Uzzu IPTV Features

  • It broadcasts all sports events from around the world that have ever been broadcasted.
  • The basic plan costs just $129.99 a year – a fraction of what Satellite and even Cable TV providers would charge.
  • It works with VPNs. In fact, you should use it with a VPN.
  • You can hook the service up to many different devices at once
  • It doesn’t stream content from a locked IP location. That’s why it’s able to stream content from around the world that traditional TV providers have no idea even exists.
  • You can watch all major sports channels for free.
  • You can watch all Pay-Per-View channels for free
  • It works with a range of IPTV players, especially all major IPTV players like MXL IPTV, 1st class IPTV, smartone IPTV
  • It’s compatible with Roku – you can install Roku on it.
  • It comes with a web player
  • An Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) is included
  • You can pay with credit and debit card
  • You can access customer support through an online form
  • You can set it up on Firestick TV, Fire TV, Android TV, Roku

What You Should Know About it?

It has connections with organized crime syndicates. To be honest, it would be unfair to single this IPTV service out since all IPTV services have been associated with organized crime networks. Unfortunately, this means that your sensitive, confidential, and personal information could potentially fall into the wrong hands. Good examples include your social security, credit card, and phone numbers.

What makes matters much worse is the fact that it doesn’t obtain the licenses and permits needed to broadcast certain types of content. Once again, to be fair, none of the IPTV services do. They just couldn’t offer their plans at throwaway prices if they did.

Is Uzzu IPTV Safe and Legal?

So, you could be streaming content that has been banned, is copyrighted, or is illegal in your country and not even know it. If you guessed that this action may eventually earn you a surprise and unpleasant visit from your country’s authorities, you’re right.

Since you’re going to be getting a VPN, I recommend that you go for a paid plan. The reason is that paid plans offer more options and protection than free plans. A good paid plan to sign up for is Norton VPN.

More About the Site

The site is safe. So you don’t have to worry about it putting any viruses, malware, or trojan horses on your mobile or digital device. However, I couldn’t determine if the service was legal, so I’m leaving it up to you to find the site.

Plans and Pricing

You can sign up for three plans. Here are their basic details:

  • A one-week plan costs $6.99 for over 100 live channels, the ability to connect the service to many devices at once, and access to all major sports channels.
  • A one-month plan costs $19.99 for access to over 100 live channels, the ability to connect the service to many devices at once, and access to all major sports channels.
  • A 12-month plan costs $129.99 for access to over 100 live channels, the ability to connect the service to many devices at once, and access to all major sports channels.

Setting Uzzu IPTV up on Your Android Smart TV

  • Launch a web browser on your personal computer
  • Then go to a reliable website and download the Uzzu IPTV’s APK file
  • Now, copy the APK file that you just downloaded to a USB drive.
  • Next, power your Android TV on and navigate to the Settings app
  • Click on the Device Preferences option
  • Then click on the Security & restrictions option
  • You’ll need to swipe the toggle to enable the unknown sources feature on your Smart TV
  • Now, navigate back to the settings app and click on the Apps tab
  • Next, click on the TV Guard option
  • Select the App Manager option
  • Now, click on the Install button to install the APK file on your Android TV.
  • You’ll want to select the open button to launch the app once it has finished installing on your TV
  • You’ll want to log into your account using your username, password, and M3U URL link. You received these in an email message when your payment for a plan went through.

Setting Uzzu IPTV up on Your Firestick TV

  • Power your Firestick TV on
  • Now, launch the Firestick hoem screen. You do that by pressing down on the Home button on your TV’s remote control
  • You’ll want to use the on-screen keyboard to search for and install the Downloader app on your Firestick TV.
  • Navigate back to the Firestick TV home screen and select the Settings Icon
  • Now, choose the My Fire TV button
  • Click on Developer Options
  • You’ll be taken to another screen where you’ll see many options including the install Unknown Apps option. Click on the Install Unknown Apps option.
  • Now, turn on the Downloader function. It’s the only way you can install third-party apps on your Firestick TV.
  • You are free to launch the Downloader App on your Firestick TV
  • You’ll need to input Uzzu IPTV’s URL into the appropriate URL Field.
  • Now, select the Go button to download the APK file
  • Next, select the Install button
  • Launch  the app on your Firestick TV
  • Sign in using your sign-in information

Setting Uzzu IPTV up on Your Android Smartphone

  • Power your Android smartphone on
  • Navigate to the settings app on your phone.
  • Go to the security section and toggle Unknown Sources
  • Launch a web browser, search for the app, and download its APK file.
  • Now, launch the APK file
  • You’ll see a pop-up menu appear. Click on the Install button and install the APK file.
  • Now launch the app.
  • Sign in using your sign-in credentials


Now that you know what it is, you can install it on many devices and enjoy the freedom of watching content that your friends have no idea even exists. In that sense, it gives you new found power when streaming TV content.

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