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This article is for you if you recently installed an IPTV provider app on your Android TV because you’ll learn how to use the fast-forward feature. That knowledge will be particularly useful to you, especially if you’ve ever wondered if it has fast-forwarding and rewinding abilities.

Some Things You Should Know About it

You can use the dedicated multimedia button on your Android TV’s remote control to fast-forward through channels, programs movies, and other types of video content. You can program your remote control to have this feature. Note that you’ll need to have the 1st class IPTV if you want to do that. You’ll also need a good Internet connection.

Read further if you want to learn all about 2 simple ways of fast-forwarding content using this.

2 Simple Ways to Fast-Forward Using Stbemu

1st Method – Use the Multimedia Buttons on Your Android TV’s Remote Control

Your Android TV’s remote control will have multimedia buttons that let you fast-forward your content quickly and easily. It’s time to examine this process in stbemu codes.

  • Launch it for your Android TV. you can watch content on it by using your device’s remote control.
  • Various multimedia buttons on your remote control will let you fast-forward through content. They appear as arrows, right arrows, and fast-forward buttons, depending on the remote control that you are using.
  • Fast-forward content by holding the fast-forward or right arrow buttons on your remote control as you’re streaming the content.

2nd Method – Program the Buttons to Automatically Fast-Forward

You can do that by remapping the fast-forward settings on the corresponding buttons on your remote control. I have listed some ways you can do that below. Note that you can’t perform these options without an Amazon Firestick TV.

  • Navigate to your device’s settings app.
  • Next, find the Configure key maps option
  • Click on the Add Key option.
  • Then, click on BTN_BLUE. It will appear in the list of options.
  • You’ll need to confirm this decision by pressing down on the fast-forward button on your remote control.
  • Select the “save Key” to finish the remapping process.

You can watch the video below for further clarification of this process.

3 Common Issues and Solutions with Stbemu Fast-Forward

I’ll discuss three of the most common issues you may encounter when attempting to fast-forward in it. I will familiarize you with these issues and solutions by presenting you with a simple table which I will expand upon later on in this article.

Fast-forward functions disappearedAdjust video quality and buffer settings
You didn’t install Stbemu rightInstall it in the right way
The fast-forward option doesn’t workCheck to see that your remote control has the fast-forward button

Issue # 1 – Fast-Forward Functions Buffering

It’s not unheard of, unfortunately, for the fast-forward function on your Android TV to simply and unexpectedly disappear. You must resolve the issue immediately after encountering if you want to continue to use the fast-forward function on your TV. Doing the following will help you do that:

  • Make sure that you have a fast, consistent, and stable Internet connection. If you have a slow or unreliable Internet connection, that can temporarily or even permanently disable your TV’s fast-forward function.
  • You’ll need to use the it to adjust the playback settings. You can improve your TV’s fast-forwarding abilities by adjusting the pixel quality to your content to a lower setting. You may find that adjusting your TV’s buffering settings accomplishes the same job.
  • Make sure to close any apps or processes that may be operating in the background since that can spontaneously start the buffering process.

These steps tend to work when resolving buffering issues. You may need to do the following if the first method doesn’t work.

Issue # 2 – The Stbemu Doesn’t Install

Remember that you’ll need to install it on your TV before you can use its fast-forward function. It’s easy to install and set up the Stbemu fast-forward function on Android devices, like the Android TV.


Is there a difference between smart STB and Stbemu Pro?

Yes, there is. You use Smart STB on Samsung and LG Smart TVs. Stbemu Pro is a versatile app that works with a variety of digital and mobile devices. You want to use Smart STB if you’re looking for the perfect fast-forwarding experience when using your remote control. It will do the same on a wide range of digital and remote devices.

What does STB blocked mean?

It means that you have encountered a situation in which you can’t access or use certain features or services through your set-top box. It also means that your IPTV server can’t recognize your STB device, so you can’t access IPTV content on your device.

How do I record on the STB emulator?

You’ll need to find the recording feature on the STB emulator’s interface. It will usually be a button with the recording symbol. You’ll need to click on the recording icon or button to initiate the recording process. The STB emulator will capture and save the content as a recording file


Now, you understand what the Stbemu fast-forward function is, how it works, how to use it, and how to troubleshoot common issues. So, using the fast-forward button should be a quick,, easy, and convenient taskt for you.

Note:  You’ll need to follow a detailed process to set the fast-forward function on a 4k Firestick TV.

Issue # 3 – The Fast-Forward Function is Useless

This is a common issue for people with Android TVs. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to fix.

  1. Double-check that your remote control has dedicated fast-forward buttons. You also want to make sure that these buttons are functioning properly.
  2. Next, make sure that you have the latest version of this installed on your Android TV.
  3. You may want to restart it or your device. Doing so can resolve any glitches that may have been interfering with your remote’s fast-forward button.
  4. Try to assign a different key if you can program different keys on your remote control to have different functions. That works wonders when trying to set up the fast-forward function in this.

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