Abonnement IPTV

Looking for an IPTV service with a vast array of channels at an affordable price? Meet Abonnement IPTV! Offering over 60,000 channels and video on demand for just $10 a month, it sounds like a dream deal. But is it safe? Is it legal? Let’s dive in and find out.


Why the Concern?

Abonnement IPTV isn’t listed in major app stores like Amazon App Store or Google Play. This can sometimes indicate potential issues with the service.

What’s Included?

Abonnement IPTV provides access to more than 60,000 live channels across various categories, plus video on demand, all with a single connection.

Key Highlights:

  • Budget-Friendly: Only $10 per month
  • Vast Channel Selection: Over 60,000 live channels
  • Extra Perks: Video on demand, single connection

In this review, we’ll tackle the safety and legality concerns of Abonnement IPTV and detail what this service offers.

Below you find information on this IPTV service including channels, categories, pricing, settings, registration, how to install, and more.


  • Extensive Channel Lineup: Access over 60,000 live channels.
  • Affordable Plans: Starting at less than $10/month.
  • Flexible Connections: Standard plan includes one connection, with options for more.
  • On-Demand Content: Enjoy a variety of VOD options.
  • VPN Friendly: Compatible with VPN services.
  • Free Trial: Test the service before committing.
  • No IP Locking: Use it from any location.
  • Sports Networks: Includes major sports channels.
  • Pay-Per-View: Access to PPV events.
  • News Networks: Stay updated with popular news channels.
  • Favorites Manager: Easily manage your favorite channels.
  • 24/7 Channels: Watch around the clock.
  • Catch-Up TV: Never miss a show with catchup options.
  • External Player Support: Compatible with external media players.
  • International Channels: Global channel selection.
  • Payment Options: Accepts Credit/Debit cards and PayPal.
  • Customer Support: Available through online contact form and email.
  • M3U URL: Stream using M3U playlists.
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG): Detailed program listings.
  • Device Compatibility: Works on Firestick/Fire TV and Android devices.
  • IPTV Player Support: Compatible with popular IPTV players.

Other Features

  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to navigate and use.
  • Regular Updates: Frequent updates to keep the service running smoothly.
  • High-Quality Streaming: Offers HD and SD quality options.
  • Multi-Device Support: Stream on multiple devices simultaneously with additional connections.
  • Customizable Settings: Adjust settings to enhance your viewing experience.
  • Parental Controls: Manage and restrict content for safer family viewing.
  • EPG Integration: Seamless integration with electronic program guides for easier channel browsing.
  • Multiple Language Support: Available in several languages to cater to a diverse audience.
  • Playlist Management: Create and manage custom channel playlists.
  • Compatibility with Recording Devices: Supports recording of live TV with compatible devices.
  • Buffer-Free Streaming: Optimized for minimal buffering and lag.
  • No Contracts: Flexible subscription plans with no long-term commitments.
  • Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy an ad-free viewing experience on many channels.
  • Frequent Promotions: Regular discounts and promotions for new and existing subscribers.
  • Cloud DVR: Record and store your favorite shows on the cloud for later viewing.
  • Interactive Features: Engage with interactive content and features.

Abonnement IPTV Channels

As mentioned previously, Abonnement IPTV provides over 60,000 live channels starting at under $10/month with their standard plan.

These channels come in a variety of categories such as entertainment, sports, kids, international, music, and much more.

This IPTV service even has options for PPV, major sports channels, and other offerings not included in some services.

There is also a simple electronic program guide (EPG) for those that prefer this layout.


Certainly! Here’s the pricing information presented in a table format:

Monthly1 month€8.99Over 60,000 channels, VOD, one connection
3-Month3 months€22.99Over 60,000 channels, VOD, one connection
6-Month6 months€39.99Over 60,000 channels, VOD, one connection
12-Month12 months€59.99Over 60,000 channels, VOD, one connection

Note: Opting for the monthly plan is recommended for flexibility, as services may occasionally experience downtime.

How to Install Abonnement IPTV?

Check Your Device: Make sure your device can run Android apps. Abonnement IPTV works on devices like Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield, and Android phones or tablets.

Sign Up:

 Go to Abonnement IPTV’s official website and sign up for a subscription.

Install the App:

Option 1 (With an IPTV Player): Get an IPTV player from your app store. Log in with your Abonnement IPTV account.

Option 2 (Stand-alone App): First, get the Downloader app on your device. Then, go to Abonnement IPTV’s website using Downloader and install the app from there.

Start Watching:

 Open the Abonnement IPTV app and enjoy your favorite channels.

Is Abonnement IPTV Legal?

It’s hard to say for sure if this IPTV is legal because we don’t know if they have the proper licenses for all their content. Be careful and make sure you’re following local laws when using services like this.

Best Legal IPTV Alternative

IPTV Yolo suggests opting for fully legal and verified IPTV providers instead of Abonnement IPTV.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Abonnement IPTV?

Abonnement IPTV is a service offering a vast selection of live TV channels at a budget-friendly price.

What types of channels are available on Abonnement IPTV?

This IPTV service features over 60,000 channels covering various categories such as news, entertainment, sports, international content, and more.

How much does Abonnement IPTV cost?

The standard plan for this IPTV service is priced at under $10 per month and includes one connection. There are also options for additional plans.

On which devices can Abonnement IPTV be installed? 

You can install this IPTV service on any device that supports the Android operating system, including Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, and other Android devices.

Is there a free trial for Abonnement IPTV?

 Yes, Abonnement IPTV offers a free trial so users can test the service before committing to a subscription.

Can I use a VPN with Abonnement IPTV? 

Yes, Abonnement IPTV is VPN friendly, allowing you to use a VPN for added security and privacy.

Does Abonnement IPTV support multiple connections? 

The standard plan includes one connection, but you can opt for plans that support multiple connections.

What payment methods are accepted by Abonnement IPTV? 

Abonnement IPTV accepts Credit/Debit cards and PayPal for payment.

Is customer support available for Abonnement IPTV? 

Yes, customer support is available through their online contact form and email.

Does Abonnement IPTV offer an Electronic Program Guide (EPG)? 

Yes, Abonnement IPTV provides an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for easy channel browsing and schedule viewing.

Can I watch international channels with Abonnement IPTV? 

Yes, Abonnement IPTV offers a wide range of international channels.

Is Abonnement IPTV ad-free? 

Many channels on Abonnement IPTV offer an ad-free viewing experience.

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